Should we take supplements or not?

The Supplements Dilemma For as long as I can remember, has always been a question people ask noting the influence of marketing and advertising about the need to take supplements for every alignment under the sun and the many health specialty stores and supermarkets that sell these over the counter supplements. It’s a huge billion-dollar … Continue reading Should we take supplements or not?

Eat with pleasure

It's quite easy when you are at home or at work to stick to your eating habits, control your cravings and follow your so called healthy eating routine or diet plan. The question arises when you go on vacation and you are subjected to different food experiences and temptations. Do you give in and embrace the experience … Continue reading Eat with pleasure

Fasting for Health

Ramadan is always looked at from a spiritual and behavioural aspect rather than the health aspect and its physical benefits. It is my aim here to discuss the health benefits for those who are not interested in the spiritual aspect thus refrain from fasting. We should not look at this holy month as a chore or a … Continue reading Fasting for Health

Energy Bites

Energy bites are great for snacking on (sans guilt) and simple enough to make to satisfy your sweet tooth and give you all the energy you need to keep you going. It's all about choosing the right, good quality, fresh, preferably organic ingredients that blend well together and the best part is you can mix … Continue reading Energy Bites

Torta Caprese

An amazingly delicious flour-less, gluten free cake which my family loves. It's such a treat for them when I make it. There are many recipes online and I tried a couple of versions with the main difference was in using the eggs, split into whites and yolks or whole. The below recipe is the one that worked … Continue reading Torta Caprese


Well it's Spring...time for spring cleaning and also a good time to cleanse, restore, recharge, rejuvenate and maintain our systems, body, mind and soul. Everyone experiences "times of excess" to some degree so typically the best time to cleanse is after holidays, overindulgence, stress or just to recharge. For me, after a period of serious … Continue reading Cleanse