Healthy living has the power to heal.

This website is about my journey into the world of health and well-being into healing our mind and body naturally by following the simple rules of nature.

I believe nature has the power to heal us and not medicine alone. Food is our medicine if we eat wholesome, real, nutritious food in the most unprocessed form. Many diseases can disappear if we stick to eating a healthy clean diet or at least the symptoms and triggers will be reduced.

Being healthy can be interpreted in so many ways and mean differently to many people. Through my journey, I try to understand and uncover all the misconceptions and write about what inspires me, what I’ve learnt in life from my experiences, my readings and my learnings through the functional nutrition course with Changing Habits which I recently completed. I plan to continue my learning journey into the next course, Applied Functional Nutrition to be able to apply my knowledge effectively in the real world.

I am also an affiliate to the Changing Habits products and programs which I personally use and you can buy by linking from my website but please make sure to contact me first for any advice I am more than happy to help.

Please don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram @hanaheals for the latest content and updates.

In the end it’s a choice we make in life.

May you all experience good health and happy healing.

Hana Heals

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