Well it’s Spring…time for spring cleaning and also a good time to cleanse, restore, recharge, rejuvenate and maintain our systems, body, mind and soul.

Everyone experiences “times of excess” to some degree so typically the best time to cleanse is after holidays, overindulgence, stress or just to recharge. For me, after a period of serious training and supplementation, I decided to go on a juice cleanse to restore my body and complete my training journey with a refreshing end. Being a technology oriented person, it’s like restarting the computer to reset the operating system, refresh applications and for all updates to take place. That’s what I see happening to my body, a total reset to fully recharge and start again with a new goal.

So what does the juice cleanse do?

  • Boosts energy levels and immunity
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Support digestive health
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Provides deep liver detox
  • Increase libido
  • Improves neurological functions
  • Slow ageing process
  • Improves skin and helps regain your natural glow
  • Helps in shedding off those extra pounds and a flatter tummy

During the juice cleanse you may experience symptoms like headaches, sluggish or tired, out of energy but these are all signs of your body getting rid of the toxins, it’s a normal reaction. You need to manage with things like yoga, meditation, taking a massage or body scrub to help in the detoxification of your body. The good news is that you are letting out all the toxins, you feel lighter, refreshed, calm and at peace, just letting things go. So it works on your body, mind and soul.

Breaking the juice cleanse is just as important as the cleanse itself! Opting for fresh fruits, vegetables, light soups, keeping it simple, raw, organic as much as you can and gradually introducing foods into your system is the key to maintaining those detox benefits.

The most important takeaway from a juice cleanse is listen to your body and make healthy choices that work for you.

“It all comes back to what you eat, what you  drink and what you think!”


A true statement coming from the fact that everything on the inside is reflected on the outside in many ways more than we can imagine.


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