One of my greatest passions in life is lifting weights and I have continuously told many women not to be afraid to lift. I just can’t express how it makes me feel but it’s all in this picture.


Don’t be afraid to lift…and lift heavy, the benefits are more than the harms, if you lift the right weight using the right technique. You need to lift weight that challenges you, makes you breathless, makes you sweat, makes you burn, makes your muscles fail, make you want to give up at the end otherwise there is no benefit at all.  To get the maximum benefit of weight training you need to challenge yourself and your body. Take it slowly, gradually, one kilo at a time till you find yourself really lifting and feeling great not to mention looking great, toned, functioning better in many ways and you will not bulk up if you followup with the right nutrition, that’s the hard part for women I believe not the heavy weights ;). A lot of women play it safe with light weights and stay as they are, but no pain no change. There are a lot of web sites that talk about the benefits of weight lifting for women and not to be afraid to lift heavy.

  • You will lose body fat and burn more calories
  • You will preserve muscle mass which diminishes with age
  • You will control your weight
  • You will gain strength without bulk
  • You will decrease risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, injury, back pain and arthritis
  • You will be physically stronger
  • You will improve attitude and fight depression
  • It’s never too late to benefit

If you want to feel this way and are motivated go research and read about it’s worth feeling this way to say the least… so lift!

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