A BioSignature Journey: The End

Read about my fitness Biosignatute journey from the start till The End post …

Douglas Leandro

Well here I am, at the end of my BioSignature journey, end of my challenge to becoming a better, leaner, fitter and healthier me 🙂 going back to when I started, that was my goal. Did I reach it? Did I achieve what I wanted out of this journey? Well I had my doubts before, many doubts on the way but looking at my history of results and analyzing it now, I can confidently say YES, finally I did reach my goal!

Looking at the results I was thinking of the best way to display all these BioSignature numbers in an understandable manner and figured out the best way is to use line graphs, coming from a scientific background, to show the progression and improvement of results over a specified period of time of 12 weeks.

Results positive points:Slide20

  • Chin/Cheek: Chin 7.4 to 5.6, giving me a more defined…

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