The Leaky Gut; is the “leaky” gut a plausible hypothesis?

Mainstream medical professionals do not recognize the leaky gut as a real condition, however, there is quite a bit of scientific evidence that leaky gut does exist and may be associated with multiple health problems. Nevertheless, multiple studies suggest and medical professionals do agree that increased intestinal permeability exists in certain chronic diseases like Celiac … Continue reading The Leaky Gut; is the “leaky” gut a plausible hypothesis?

The Power of Probiotics

Probiotics are highly beneficial for immune health There is a belief that probiotics are only beneficial of digestive health but the benefits of probiotics in your gut go beyond just healthy bowel movements. A healthy digestive system has been linked to improvements in mental health and immune response. (1) Probiotics act as microbial food supplements … Continue reading The Power of Probiotics

A Healthy Lifestyle can change your Genes

We have the power šŸ’Ŗ to change our genes šŸ§¬ through healthy food šŸ„˜ and lifestyle! Diet is one of the most studied factors producing epigenetic change. Studies show that lifestyle changes can alter our genes. Nutrients in food enter metabolic pathways and are transformed into molecules which talk to the body. A combination of … Continue reading A Healthy Lifestyle can change your Genes

Fasting for Health

Ramadan is always looked at from a spiritual and behavioural aspect rather than theĀ health aspect and its physical benefits. It is my aim here to discuss the health benefits for those who are not interested in the spiritualĀ aspect thus refrain from fasting. We should not look at this holy month as a chore or a … Continue reading Fasting for Health

A BioSignature Journey: The End

Read about my fitness Biosignatute journey from the start till The End post …

Douglas Leandro

Well here I am, at the end of my BioSignature journey, end of my challenge to becoming a better, leaner, fitter and healthier me šŸ™‚ going back to when I started, that was my goal. Did I reach it? Did I achieve what I wanted out of this journey? Well I had my doubts before, many doubts on the way but looking at my history of results and analyzing it now, I can confidently say YES, finally I did reach my goal!

Looking at the results I was thinking of the best way to display all these BioSignature numbers in an understandable manner and figured out the best way is to use line graphs, coming from a scientific background, to show the progression and improvement of results over a specified period of time of 12 weeks.

Results positive points:Slide20

  • Chin/Cheek: Chin 7.4 to 5.6, giving me a more definedā€¦

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Well it's Spring...time for spring cleaning and also a good time to cleanse, restore, recharge, rejuvenate and maintain our systems, body, mind and soul. Everyone experiences "times of excess" to some degree so typically the best time to cleanse is after holidays, overindulgence, stress or just to recharge. For me, after a period of serious … Continue reading Cleanse