A Healthy Lifestyle can change your Genes

We have the power πŸ’ͺ to change our genes 🧬 through healthy food πŸ₯˜ and lifestyle!

Diet is one of the most studied factors producing epigenetic change. Studies show that lifestyle changes can alter our genes. Nutrients in food enter metabolic pathways and are transformed into molecules which talk to the body. A combination of improved nutrition, moderate exercise, stress managment techniques and increased social support can cause genes to be changed, turning-on health promoting genes and turning-off genes that promote diseases. So not all genes we are dealt are necessarily the genes we’re stuck with.

#nutrigenomics #genes #nutrition #diet #lifestyle #healthyfood #health #epigenetics #functionalnutrition #hanaheals #functionalnutritionacademy info credited to the course @thenutrition_academy

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