Salt Is Not Bad

Salt is not bad for you and is much needed by our body. The question is which type of salt and how much?

Water-Salt balance is very important for the human body. Too much water is not good and too much salt is not good. We need to make sure we are drinking enough water and having enough salt which are two vital elements our body needs.

The body tells us if there is an imbalance as a result of the release of histamine. Histamine is defined as a chemical compound that our cells release in response to injury, immune responses when there is an allergic reaction, inflammation and chemical exposure. Histamine also helps regulate the gut and has a protective action in the body like correcting shortages salt and water. Histamine works to maintain homeostasis in our bodies which is another word for balance. If the balance is out, histamine will increase and we get symptoms like a scratchy throat or watery eyes.  The best natural antihistamine is unprocessed salt and water!

Make sure to consume unrefined salt which has minerals like Himalayan crystal salt with its striking pink color which comes from the natural presence of several trace minerals, including magnesium and iodine. This form of salt contains about 80 natural minerals and elements used by the human body. The refined table salt found is void of nutritional value and lacks beneficial trace minerals.

So, the general rule is, for every 500 ml of water you should take 1/8 teaspoon of salt. Start your day with this salt and water mixture, for lunch put some salt on your salad or on your avocado on toast and for dinner put some salt on your steak and make sure to drink enough water as well!

It’s important to note that although salt is essential for human physiology, excess salt consumption is associated with hypertension which may lead to cardiovascular health issues.  

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